Gear List for First Time Backpackers
16 Jun 2017


This article has information that I share with first time backpackers for 2-day or 3-day trips in California. Our destination is Sykes Hot Springs or Lost Coast Trail or somewhere in the Sierras. We typically walk 6 to 9 miles per day.

Where to buy? My favorite shops are REI ($20 membership fees but they give you 10% off everything you purchase full price and they have regular sales), Sierra Trading Post (lots of deals, slightly older gear, cheaper than latest gear) and Amazon (some items are on sale, cheaper than REI). Sometimes, the best deal is available by direct purchase from the manufacturer. There are many other online shops: see this article and this article.

Rent or Borrow: Expensive items like tent and sleeping bag can be rented at REI or borrowed from friends who backpack.

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