Book Reviews
Awesome books that I was lucky to browse through.
Learning & Teaching

What makes a good teacher? How do we learn? What techniques do chess champions, martial artists and tennis coaches employ to sustain high levels of performance, year after year?


Food and disease are inter-related. In 2012, I was delighted to come in touch with 'plant based diets', which prevent heart disease, diabetes and obesity. These diets remind me of plain and simple (sattvik) food from India.


Books on meditation, with ideas for generating peace and joy in our hearts.


Running, marathon training, stretching & yoga. These books are inspiring!


Books on marriage, relationships and communication.


Books on back pain, food, healing, drugs and so on. My personal belief lies in the mind-body connection and minimal usage of drugs.


Awesome puzzle books for computer scientists and mathematicians.


Books on positive psychology, healing and recovery. Plus random niche areas in psychology.


Fascinating books on the history of mathematics, history of economics, and history of popular debates. These books showcase how our approach to these subjects has changed over hundreds of years.


Books by Peter Lynch, Bob Malkiel and John Bogle. These books convinced me of the value of minimalist portfolios with index funds.


Books on cultural anthropology, customs in different parts of the world, and so on.


A few good books for kids, with inspiring stories.


Books on random subjects.

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