Downer - Sobrante Ridge - Broken Oak
3.7 miles     800 ft
31 Dec 2010

A pleasant walk through forests and ridges with panoramic valley views. Best visited in spring when hills are lush green.

Location: Pinole Valley ParkSobrante Ridge Regional Preserve

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Trail Maps

» Official Map by Bay Area Ridge Trail: Good map showing various trails.

» Official Trail map for Sobrante Ridge Regional Preserve: For routes that combine trails from Sobrante Ridge, this map is helpful. Also see Text Side, of the map.


Trailhead: The parking lot next to the restrooms in Pinole Valley Park.

Route: Downer Trail (called Pinole Valley Connector Trail in some maps) → Sobrante Ridge Trail to water tank close to 'North End'. Then return by Sobrante Ridge Trail and Downer Trail, making a side trip to Broken Oak Trail, which offers a picnic area amid a pleasant grove.


  1. Downer Trail starts to the right of a beautiful grove called Hazel Downer Thornton Memorial Grove, right across the restrooms shown on the trail map. There is a prominent sign warning hikers of poison oak, which is abundant along the trail. Downer Trail climbs from 100' to 650' in one mile.
  2. Sobrante Ridge Trail provides panoramic views of lush green valleys and residential complexes. Make sure you visit Broken Oak Trail, where a pleasant grove with picnic tables awaits you.

Location: along Adobe Road, close to its intersection with Pinole Valley Road, Pinole, CA 94564 . No street address. Parking area is not visible in Google Maps.

Directions: From I-80 E, take exit 22 for Pinole Valley Road, turn right at Pinole Valley Road and drive for 1.5 miles. Turn right onto Adobe Road and drive for 0.1 miles to reach a parking lot adjacent to restrooms.

Google Maps:

Parking Fees: None (last visited: December 2010)

Capacity: About 4-5 cars may be parked here. There is a bigger parking lot on the other side of the park: Instead of taking a right on Adobe Road, continue along Pinole Valley Road, then turn right into a parking lot for Pinole Valley Park. This parking lot is next to the "Sports Field" shown on the trail map.

Latitude: 37.979822     Longitude: -122.270359

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