East Peak from Fern Canyon Road — Route I
5.0 miles     1600 ft
18 Aug 2012

A vigorous climb to East Peak for magnificent 360-degree views.

Location: Mount Tamalpais State Park

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Trail Maps

» Official Trail Map: Decent quality map. However, mileage information is missing. Not enough details of trail intersections, some of which have no signposs.

» RedwoodHikes Trail Map: Annotated trail map of Muir Woods National Monument and most of Mt Tamalpais State Park. An excellent quality trail map ($6.95 in Jan 2012) that is recommended for avid hikers. Mt Tamalpais has plenty of trails and trail intersections. This map shows them very clearly. Much better than official state parks map or GGNRA map.


To East Peak (2.5 miles): Follow Temalpa Trail (0.3 miles) to an intersection with Hoo Koo E Koo Trail. A few hundred feet before this intersection, there is an unmarked junction. Stay left at that junction. At the junction with Hoo Koo E Koo Trail, continue walking straight ahead (there is no sign here) along Temalpa Trail (0.3 miles) to reach an intersection with Vic Haun Trail. Just before this intersection, there is a large rock with an inscription called Sitting Bull Plaque. There is also a picture of Sitting Bull hanging off a branch of a tree, behind the rock. At the intersection with Vic Haun Trail, continue along Temalpa Trail (1.0 miles). Turn right along Verna Dunshee Trail (0.6 miles) to reach Visitor Center. Along Verna Dunshee Trail, there is a side traip to a large rocky projection that provides great views. From Visitor Center, follow Plank Walk Trail (0.3 miles) to reach East Peak summit. There is a large rocky building at the top without access to visitors. Views from the top of East Peak are totally awesome!

To Fern Canyon Road (2.5 miles): From East Peak, follow an unmarked trail (0.3 miles) back to Visitor Center. Turn left onto Verna Dunshee Trail (0.6 miles) → right onto Temalpa Trail (1.6 miles) all the way to Fern Canyon Road.


Location: Fern Canyon Road, Mill Valley, CA 94941. . No street address. Parking area is visible in Google Maps if you zoom in sufficiently.

Directions: From 101 North, cross Golden Gate Bridge. After 6 miles, take exit 445B to merge with CA-1 North. From here onwards, there are many twisty streets along the way. See Google Maps directions for more details.

Google Maps:

Parking Fees: None (last visited: August 2012)

Capacity: Tight parking. Only three to four cars may be parked near the trailhead.

Latitude: 37.919919     Longitude: -122.563886

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