Grant Park - Southern Loop I
9.6 miles     1600 ft
29 Apr 2010

Nice route through green rolling hills in spring.

Location: Joseph D Grant County Park

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» Official Trail Map: Good quality map showing various trails.


Route in brief: Start at Twin Gates trailhead, which ie about 3.3 miles away from main park entrance on Mt Hamilton Rd (see trail map for its location). Then follow Bonhoff Trail (0.9 miles) → Foothill Trail (1.1 miles) → Hotel Trail (1.2 + 0.5 miles) → Corral Trail (0.1 + 0.4 miles) → San Felipe Trail (0.7 + 0.4) → paved road (0.5 miles) → Loop Trail (0.3 miles) to Mt Hamilton Rd. Cross the road over to Yerba Buena Trail (2.2 miles) → CaƱada de Pala Trail (0.5 miles).

Notes: By adding a side trip to Manzanita Trail, the hike becomes longer by 3 miles.


Location: along Mt Hamilton Road, 3.3 miles east of main entrance into Grant Park . No street address. Parking area is visible in Google Maps if you zoom in sufficiently.

Directions: Take Highway 101 or Highway 680 to Alum Rock Ave going east. Turn right into Mt Hamilton Rd and drive eight miles to reach the park. Continue for an additional 3.3 miles to reach the Twin Gates Trailhead shown in the trail map.

Google Maps:

Parking Fees: None (last visited: April 2010)

Capacity: About 10 cars

Latitude: 37.328852     Longitude: -121.681255

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