Long Loop in Pogonip Preserve
6.8 miles     1200 ft
16 Sep 2012

Long loop covering most of the trails in Pogonip Preserve, going through varied terrian including forests and grasslands.

Location: Pogonip PreserveHarvey West Park

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Trail Maps

» Official Trail Map: Good map showing various hiking trails. Contour information and mileage of individual sections is missing.

» Redwood Hikes Map: Annotated trail map of San Lorenzo Valley that shows many parks, not just Henry Cowell. This is an excellent map sold by Dave Baselt ($6.95 in Jan 2012).


Trail Maps: The route has innumerable junctions, some of which are unmarked. So textual directions below are not sufficient. Having a good trail map is important. I found the Redwood Hikes Map for San Lorenzo Valley very useful. It has clearly marked trails and intersections.

To Highway 9 Entrance (3.7 miles): From the Buckeye Picnic Area in Harvey West Park, follow an unnamed trail (0.4 miles) that goes next to a creek and meanders high up amid the hills overlooking Harvey West Park. The trail descends back down to the park. Turn left and follow unnamed trails (0.4 miles) towards Pogonip Preserve. Follow Harvey West Trail (0.3 miles) → Lookout Loop Trail (0.2 miles) → Pogonip Creek Nature Loop (0.2 miles) to reach a paved road. Follow Pogonip Creek Nature Loop (0.3 miles) parallel to the road → Prairie Trail (0.2 miles) → left on Brayshaw Trail (0.2 miles) to reach a five-way intersection. Turn right on Ohlone Trail (0.3 miles) → left on Fern Trail (unmarked intersection in September 2012) (0.9 miles) → Rincon Trail (0.3 miles) to reach an entrance for Pogonip Preserve along Highway 9.

To Harvey West Park (3.0 miles): From the park entrance for Pogonip Preserve on Highway 9, follow Rincon Trail (0.3 miles) → Limekiln Trail (0.5 miles) → Limekiln Trail (0.3 miles) to reach a five-way intersection. Follow Spring Trail (0.7 miles) → Lookout Trail (0.4 miles) → right on Harvey West Trail (0.3 miles) → walk through Harvey West Park (0.5 miles) to reach the parking lot near Buckeye Picnic Area.

Notes: The initial section of the route goes through a beautiful redwood trail behind Harvey West Park. All trails through Pogonip were shaded except Pogonip Creek Nature Loop and Prairie Trail.


Location: 326 Evergreen Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 . Parking area is visible in Google Maps if you zoom in sufficiently.

Google Maps:

Parking Fees: None (last visited: September 2012)

Capacity: Dozens of cars may be parked here.

Latitude: 36.981942     Longitude: -122.035946

Harvey West Park
Pogonip Preserve
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