Long Walk in Martin Luther King Jr Shoreline
7.1 miles     50 ft
12 Aug 2011

A pleasant walk next to San Leandro Bay.

Location: Martin Luther King Jr Regional Shoreline

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Trail Maps

» Official Trail Map: Good map showing various trails. Also see Text section of the map.


Route: Follow a paved bike trail next to San Leandro Bay, all the way to Tidewater Boating Center. On the trail map, the sequence of trails is: Arrowhead Marsh Trail → Elmhurst Creek Trail → Garretson Point Trail → Damon Marsh Trail → unnamed trail. Return by the same route.


  1. In August 2011, there were no signs with trail names at Martin Luther King Jr Regional Shoreline. However, the route was easy to follow since the entire trail is paved and remains adjacent to San Leandro Bay at all times.
  2. Arrowhead Marsh Trail is close enough to Doolittle Drive that traffic noise can be heard. Garretson Marsh Trail and Damon Marsh Trail are fairly quiet and popular, so you're likely to see many other folks. The northernmost section close to Tidewater Boating Center felt fairly secluded in August 2011.

Yet to write details. For now, trailhead location may be inferred by combining information from the Google Page for GPS Tracks and Trail Maps, if any.

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