Maguire Peaks Loop II
6.4 miles     1400 ft
31 Oct 2009

Nice hike to Maguire Peak with panoramic valley views.

Location: Sunol Regional Wilderness Preserve

Elevation Profile
Trip Planning

Trail Maps

» Official Trail Map: Good quality map showing various trails. Also, see Text Side of the map and Valley Floor area.

From the 1.6-mile marker along Welch Creek Road (see map for its location), follow Upper Maguire Peaks Trail (0.6 miles) → Maguire Peak Trail (0.8 miles) → left on Maguire Peaks Loop Trail (3.2 miles) → Maguire Peak Trail (0.8 miles) → Upper Maguire Peaks Trail (0.6 miles) to return to the parking lot. Make a side trip to Maguire Peaks (0.4 miles round-trip). For the side trip, the trail is not shown on the map, see GPS tracks instead.

Full photo album — 31 October 2009

Photos are from a different hike with similar landscape: Maguire Peaks Loop I.

Location: 1.6 mile marker along Welch Creek Road, Sunol, CA 94586 . No street address. Parking area is not visible in Google Maps.

Google Maps:

Parking Fees: Membership or Permit required to park on Welch Creek Road. Get permit at Sunol entry kiosk on Geary Road. (last visited: October 2009)

Capacity: Not known.

Latitude: 37.532827     Longitude: -121.832418

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