Redwood Creek - Dipsea - Homestead Valley - Dias Ridge
10.3 miles     1800 ft
22 Sep 2012

An interesting loop combining trails from Mt Tamalpais and Marin Headlands. Two trails have steep sections: Dipsea Trail and Dias Ridge Trail.

Location: Marin HeadlandsMount Tamalpais State Park

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Trail Maps

» Homestead Valley Land Trust Trail Map: Decent map showing various hiking trails.

» Official Trail Map: Good map showing various trails.


To Muir Beach Overflow Parking Lot (3.6 miles): From Muir Beach, cross the bridge and follow Coastal Trail (0.1 miles) → left on Green Gulch Trail (0.2 miles) to reach an intersection with Middle Green Gulch Trail. The intersection is marked by a gate on the right. Instead of entering the gate, continue straight ahead. Within a few feet, turn left on an unmarked junction. Follow this unnamed trail (0.2 miles), parallel to Highway 1, to emerge on Pacific Way. Turn right to reach Shoreline Highway. Follow Shoreline Highay (0.3 miles) to reach an intersection with Muir Woods Road. Near the intersection, there is a trailhead for Redwood Creek Trail. Follow Redwood Creek Trail (2.0 miles) to reach Muir Woods Road. Cross the road and contiue to Deer Park Fire Road (0.5 miles) → right on Dipsea Trail (0.3 miles) to reach Muir Woods Overflow Parking lot on Muir Woods Road.

To Four Corners (2.6 miles): Cross the Muir Woods Overflow parking lot and follow Dipsea Trail (0.8 miles) to Muir Woods Road again. Cross the road carefully — the trail crossing is near a bend in the road. Continue along Dipsea Trail (0.2 miles) to emerge on Panoramic Highway. At this point, followind Dipsea Trail was tricky (in September 2012 when I last visited). Walk a few steps south-east on Panoramic Highway, then turn left onto Bay View Drive, a paved road, which later becomes Walsh Drive (0.6 miles) to emerge onto Sequoia Valley Road. There is a trail on the left that meanders next to Sequoia Valley Road. Follow this trail until it reaches the intersection of Sequoia Valley Road and Edgewood Ave. Cross Sequoia Valley Road and follow an unnamed trail going down the hill (1.2 miles). This trail goes through Homestead Valley Land Trust. There are some marked and some unmarked junctions in this area. We had to use some intuition and route finding skills to come out of this area and reach Four Corners, which is the name given to the intersection between Panoramic Highway and Muir Woods Road (which is called Sequoia Valley Road on the other side).

To Muir Beach (4.0 miles): From Four Corners, follow a trail parallel to Panoramic Highway (0.4 miles). This trail goes via a small hill named Homestead Hill. The views from atop the hill are pretty good. There are some unnamed intersections along this trail, which emerges again along Panoramic Highway. Cross the road. Immediately after crossing, there is an unnamed trail going downhill quickly. This is not the trail to follow. Instead, turn right and follow Panoramic Highway for a few steps until there is a signed intersection for a connector trail. Follow this trail (0.3 mile) → right on Dias Ridge Trail (3.0 miles) to emerge onto Highway 1, right in front of Pelican Inn. Cross Highway 1 and walk along Pacific Way (0.3 miles) to reach Muir Beach.

Notes: Redwood Creek Trail has many birds that we could hear all along. Dipsea Trail has several steep sections. Trails through Homestead Valley Land Trust are very pretty, going through forest. However, there were unsigned junctions. Dias Ridge Trail is pretty, especially the last 1.5 miles when it drops down to Muir Beach.


Location: 200 Pacific Way, Sausalito, CA 94965 . Parking area is visible in Google Maps if you zoom in sufficiently.

Directions: From US-101 North, take exit 445B to merge onto CA-1 North towards Mill Valley / Stinson Beach. Continue 6 miles on CA-1 North, then turn left on Pacific Way and drive 0.2 miles to reach the parking lot for Muir Beach.

Google Maps:

Parking Fees: None (last visited: March 2012)

Capacity: Over 40 cars.

Latitude: 37.861540     Longitude: -122.575695

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