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20 Jan 2017
Exercise and Fitness

How to Prevent Running Shoe Blisters With "Heel Lock" or "Lace Lock" shows us how to tie shoe laces properly for running shoes.

Ten Training Tips for Lifelong Athletes by Will Gadd.

Positive News

Man Drives Hours Every Day In Drought To Bring Water To Wild Animals is the story of 41-year old Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua. He started driving a large tanker every week to provide water to wild animals in Africa during drought. GoFundMe page: Patrick the Tsavo Elephant Guardian.

Waitress Pays Firefighters Bill, Aug 2015.

This Indian's Story About Cycling across 8 Countries To Be With His Love Is Bollywood Material (Sep 2015) is the true story of Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia from India and Charlotte Von Schedvin from Sweden. Worth reading!

12 Unusual (Indian) Weddings of 2016 That Will Forever Change the Way You Think, Dec 2016.

Couple Adopts Dying Neighbor's 3 Kids is a moving story. Fox5 Surprise Squad helped the couple.


What Is Dream Yoga and How Do You Do It? (Aug 2016) is a wonderful article by Andrew Holecek. Also see Dream Yoga Instructions (Oct 2009).

Zen Flesh, Zen Bones has four parts. The fourth part has 112 meditation techniques. The context of these techniques and descriptions of the techniques are pretty fascinating. They all aim to help us understand the 'void' or 'nothingness'.

The Cloud of Unknowing AnnotatedWikipediaPh.D. Thesis about this book.

TED Talks

TED Talk by Amos Winter (June 2012) who designed an 'all terrain wheelchair' for under $200 for people with disabilities in poor countries.

Plant Based Diets

Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman: Food List — What To Eat is a great summary of this book.

Against Animals (NYTimes, 2009) is a great article narrating the personal story of Jonathan Safran Foer. He later wrote Eating Animals (368 pages, 2010).

How Israel Became the Global Center of Veganism (September 2016).


The Most Valuable Thing a Parent Can Do for Their Kids, Feb 2017. "One of our toughest jobs as parents is to allow our kids to weather life's storms".

Why French Kids Do Not Have ADHD (Psychology Today, March 2012).

How to get your kids to do chores (without resenting it) (NPR, June 2018).


Why Can't I Be Happy? is an insightful cartoon.


A New Yorker book review by John Lanchester of the book Happiness: A History (544 pages, 2006) by Darrin M. McMahon, is pretty awesome! By tracing the history of the word 'happiness' over the last two thousand years, the book is the historiography of Western happiness.

What Kids Wish Their Teachers Knew (Aug 2016). A school teacher asked her students to complete this sentence: "I wish my teacher knew ... ". The responses were insightful.

Imagine A Dog is a nice article written by Blake Ross (co-founder of Mozilla Firefox). A few days ago, he realized that he has "aphantasia" - he cannot "visualize" like most of us can. That realization got him really excited. He started calling his friends and fervidly discussed how they thought (through visualization) and how he thought (absolutely no visualization). The article summarizes these conversations :)

Google And The Idaho Tycoon: When Founders Start Wild Quests compares Google's quest for the next big thing with that of Idaho tycoon J R Simplot.

Scott Adams: What He Learned From Building His Dilbert Empire by Dan Schawbel, October 2013.

The Trick of Life by Akhil Sharma.

Is Giving the Secret to Getting Ahead? (March 2013) in NY Times.

✧ The first chapter in Diet For A New America (448 pages, 1998) is probably about a visit to a farmer.

This is Your Life in Silicon Valley (August 2016).

YouTube Videos

Wang Deshun is an 80-year old Chinese model. His fascinating story was picked up in 2016 by various newspapers.

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