Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Set 4
Set 5
Set 6
Set 7
Set 8
Set 9
Set 1
Four Pills
Pebble Piles
Rope Escape
Cake Cutting
Fox in a Hole
Cube Cutting
Patient 13
Ant Collisions
Ant in a Room
Set 2
Coin Toss Guess
Cube Problems
Truchet Tilings
Treasure Island
Magician & Balls
Six Colored Balls
Josephus Problem
Forty-Five Minutes
Thousand Prisoners
Non-Transitive Dice
Set 3
Blind Man and Cards
Breaking a Chocolate Bar
Two Dice = Nine Cards
Three Boxes and a Ruby
Absent-Minded Professor
Color of My Probabilistic Hat
Kirkman's Schoolgirl Problem
Three Boxes with Two Balls Each
Divide 100 Marbles into Two Piles
Three Heavy and Three Light Balls
Set 4
Tossing with One-Third Probability
Four Squares in Circle
3-4-5 In A Triangle
11x13 Rectangle
Coins in a Row
Ants in a Circle
Fifteen Sum
Four Ships
Cap Colors
f(f(x)) = -x
Set 5
Card Shuffling
Coconut Spelling
Average Salary
Forks in a Road
Bigger or Smaller
Four Coins, Four Tumblers
Measuring Weights
Working Computer
19 Coronaviruses
Tiling With Calissons
Set 6
Loop in a Linked List
Perplexing Polynomial
Poisoned Wine Barrels
Two Eggs and a Building
Number Guessing Game
Cutting a Cake with Icing
Number Guessing Game II
Cube Cutting with Stacking
What's the Number on My Hat?
Tiling a Chessboard with Dominoes
Set 7
Tiling a Chessboard with Trominoes
Fuel Dumps on a Circular Racetrack
Red Card
My Cap Color
Square Solitaire
Twelve Coins
900 Coins
Grid Infection
Duplicate Integer
Find the Angle
Set 8
Five Card Trick
Tetrahedron in Sphere
Sum and Product
Five Circles in Square
Fast Bit Counting
Empty the Bucket
Balanced Coloring
Horses on Auction
Polya's Urn Process
Flipping Bits in a Matrix
Set 9
Rectangle with Integer Side
100 Prisoners and 100 Boxes
100 Prisoners and a Light Bulb
Firing Squad Synchronization
Four Points, Two Distinct Distances
Tumblers on a Rotating Table
Geometry With Only a Compass
Dijkstra's Self-Stabilization Protocol
Three NOT Gates from Two NOT Gates
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