Peace & Joy
Sufi & Bhakti Poetry
Who Am I?
Awareness & Equanimity
Daily Practice
Positive Psychology
How may we experience peace and joy? The articles below summarize my understanding of four approaches: Sufi & Bhakti teachings, the Advaita Vedanta tradition, Buddhist meditation and Positive Psychology. If you chance upon some inaccuracy, lack of clarity or lack of flow in these articles, please accept my apologies. To help me improve my understanding and its presentation, please write to me at
Sufi & Bhakti Poetry
Union & Separation
Acceptance Poetry
Many Languages, Many Words
Grief Recovery Model
Acceptance & Love
What to Accept? Whom to Love?
Personal Experience with Sufi & Bhakti Poetry
Who Am I?
Not the Body, Not the Mind
Three Properties
The Fourth State
Sameness & Interconnectedness
Emptiness & Non Self
Advaita Vedanta Resources
Christian Mysticism
Personal Experience with 'Who Am I?'
Awareness & Equanimity
Meditation Overview
Breath Meditation
Vipassanā Meditation
The Healing Mechanism
10-Day Course Environment
Why Attend the 10-Day Course?
Personal Experience with 10-Day Vipassanā Course
Daily Practice
Our Actions and Our State of Mind
What to Practice?
Constant Practice
Lack of Practice
Ideas That Promote Constant Practice
Reminder Systems
Limitations of Reminder Systems
Positive Psychology
Overview of Positive Psychology
Positive Thinking
Opening Up
Self Belief
Acts of Service
Social Connectedness
Forgiveness & Compassion
Three Stories of Forgiveness
Flow Activities
Personal Experience with Positive Psychology Techniques
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