Simple Standing Poses

Mountain pose and variations, twists and backbends, forward bends, wide angle forward bends, camel pose and variations.
Lunges, Triangle and Warrior Poses

Lunges, warrior poses, triangle poses, forward bends.
Single Leg Standing Poses

Simple poses, half moon poses, straight leg, hand-to-toe poses, challenging poses.
Poses on Hands and Knees

Child's pose, quadruped poses, quad stretches.
Poses on Hands and Feet

Plank poses, reverse plank poses, side plank poses, hand supported lunges, downward dog and dolphin poses, wheel poses.
Seated Poses

Basic seated poses, simple seated poses, seated forward bends, boat poses, pigeon poses, miscellaneous poses.
Prone Poses

Cobra poses, locust poses, bow poses, misc poses.
Supine Poses

Simple poses, bridge poses, leg lifts, leg extensions, fish pose and reclining hero pose, miscellaneous poses, corpse pose.
Spinal Twists

Seated twists, supine twists.
Arm Balances

Symmetric arm balances, assymetric arm balances.

Shoulder stand poses, hand stand poses, head stand poses.
Books & References

The Complete Book of Vinyasa Yoga (288 pages, 2005) by Srivatsa Ramaswami is awesome. It emphasizes the role of slow, deep breathing and relaxation. It also contains a wide selection of poses, ranging from easy to difficult. The first four videos of this playlist follow the book.

Light on Yoga (544 pages, 1979) by B K S Iyengar is another book I like. It is an awesome reference manual which explains hundreds of poses in detail. The book emphasizes correct alignment and muscle engagement.

Both Srivatsa Ramaswami and B K S Iyenagar are students of T Krishnamacharya, a legendary teacher from India.

In the web pages below, I have collected pointers to videos and articles that explain individual yoga poses. Also see List of poses in Hindi and English and All poses by Category.

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